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funny crap

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¿?¿who tweaks your nob?¿?
¤¤you know you're. . .when. . .¤¤
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hey, here's some funny crap about the rangers! For some reason people can't see the pages on this site. THAT'S BECAUSE THEY AREN'T LOOKIN! they're right on the LEFT side
<----------- LOOK! lol just lettin' ya know

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DISCLAIMER: all of this is fiction and we just wrote it for fun so don't get all P.Oed lighten up a bit people! IF YOU FIND ANYTHING ON THIS SITE OFFENDING WE JUST WANT U TO KNOW IT IS ALL FICTION! we're just jokin around! lol IF THERE IS ANYTHING YOU FIND REALLY REALLY OFFENSIVE E-MAIL US WHAT IT IS AND WE WILL GLADLY TAKE IT DOWN.

if you've got some funny crap please e-mail us!




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