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()Favourite songs or cds()


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¿?¿who tweaks your nob?¿?
¤¤you know you're. . .when. . .¤¤
()Favourite songs or cds()

Here is a list of songs that are ranger favourites, we also gave you a list of players. Match up the player with the song! I guess to get these right you have to read you know youre . . . When. . . and who tweaks your nob? we don't give the answers but if you REALLY REALLY want the answers you can e-mail us askin.

Scott Dickie
Mike Amodeo
Derek Roy
Mike Gresdale
Ryan Ramsay
Jamie Minchella
Scott Sheppard
Steve Eminger
Vasily Bizyayev

Im too sexy for my shirt, to sexy for my shirt. . . (I 4get the name of the song but you get it)

Independant Woman

Its raining men (Gerri Halliwel verison)

Big Pun- Still not a player

Anything by Eminem

Row Row Row your boat

*Nsyncs Celebrity


Old McDonald

I will survive

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