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¤¤you know you're. . .when. . .¤¤


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¿?¿who tweaks your nob?¿?
¤¤you know you're. . .when. . .¤¤
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we've made a break through here at GRG and now with our very smart scientists you can now see if you're ranger material. actually you can actually tell what ranger you are! read on!

You know you're (players name here) When. . .

You know you're Ryan Ramsay when 12 year old girls chase you down the street proposing.

You know you're Andre Benoit when you make the discovery that mouth guards taste just like oranges. . .

You know you're Sam Skwarchuk when you think running over people with your car is ok

You know you're Mike Amodeo when youve had a few too many beers.

You know you're officially the team coach when you get replaced

You know you're Chris Cava when you get 12 penalties in one period

You know you're Mike Gresdale when you have "PIMPING AINT EASY" written on the side of your car

You know you're Scott Dickie when you have PMS. . .

You know you're Derek Roy when you get your ass kicked like youve got a bulls eye painted on your chest

You know you're J.J when you under go lots of hair colours (madonna applies to this as well)

You know your'e Scott Sheppard when you actually are a Shepard

You know you're Travis Chapman when you get checked while looking at some pucks in the stands

You know you're John Dunphy when girls are all over you because of youre cute lil cast. . Or casts

You know you're Marcus Smith when youre sweet during the day and Super Horny at night

You know you're Jamie Minchella when you think youve been abducted by aliens. . .

You know you're Vasily Bizyayev when you watch sesame street for the "letter of the day"

You know you're Matt Passfield when you have no friends. . . what a loser

You know you're Steve Eminger when you get the exact same injuries as your brother at the exact same time. . .hmm how suspicious. . .

You know you're Brad Larter when you carry around potato sacks for fun.

You know you're Matt Rock when the one time you get in a fight the damn refs break it up.

You know you're Brock Yates when you meet up with the same chick after each game! Who is she?!?!!?

You know you're T.J Eason when Roger Wardell mentions that youre from Kitchener every 5 seconds!

You know you're Chris Brannen when youre so damn mysterious. . . (actually I dont know that he is but since I have no clue what hes like, thats mysterious right?)

You know you're Tex when after a million brutal beatings you STILL prance around like a ballerina

You know you're Josh Bennett when you dont even stick around and go away to a different league!

You know you're a rookie when the Veterans tell you "its ok to use your hockey stick as a weapon on the ice"

You know you're a rookie when during bus trips you have to take out the garbage

You know you're a rookie when you first hear the term "puckbunny"

You know you're a vet when you fart out dust

You know you're a vet when you get named as the Captain of the rangers and dont even know how to play your role

You know you're a vet when you can actually REMEMBER all of the local puckbunny names

You know you're a vet when you have to stick your hand up a turtles butt. . .

You know you're a ranger when you get pop cans thrown at you while visiting Guelph

You know you're a vet ranger when you get grenades thrown at you while visiting Guelph

You know you're a ranger when you get sweat marks on your butt. . . those are sweat marks right?

You know you're a ranger when you ALMOST make the playoffs

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