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SILENCE! is needed while coming to this page. lol not really but here are where poems are made about the rangers or just hockey in general. People can e-mail me their poems down below so enjoy other peeps poems!

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Silence For The Female Hockey Fan

I sit in the crowd and watch the game
So what, if i know each player by name?
I'm not the puck others think I am
It's not like I sleep with every player I can
So, I have a thing for one of the boys
I wouldn't give it up like the rest of their 'sex toys'
I know what they want and what they like
but I won't be ridden like the village bike
So next time you see a girl like me
remember this poem that made you see
not every girl in the hockey rink
would give it up for your tiny dink


I declare I'm not a puck

Some people say that I'm a puck
which Is a lie cuz I don't suck
all the players on that hockey team
And being with a player is not my dream
I watch hockey cause it is fun
and I leave right after the game is done
And what if I think there is a cute guy
It doesn't mean that I would die
Just to be his one night stand
cuz I'd rather have a real man.
So for all you who call innocents a puck
Watch your mouth or you'll be f*cked
Cuz peeps like you will be hunted down
and put 6 feet under the soiled ground
us female fans are tired of sick
of all of this puckbunny calling sh*t
can't we just love hockey and not the guys?
Us true hockey fans tell no lies
when we say that we won't give it up
for whatever's in that tiny cup (jock)


The Ranger Roster

Ryan Ramsay's speeding down the ice,
while Andre Benoit's being all sweet and nice.
Sheppy is hanging out with his fave lamb,
Dickie's stopping goals like no one can.
Matt Rock's getting in a fight,
but Mike Amodeo is no where in sight.
Chris Brannen is blocking shots in his end,
Loser Matt Passfield has no friends LOL (im just jokin').
Mike Gresdale's in the crowd pimpin' it up,
While Vasily is trying to put on his cup.
surprise surprise Derek scores a goal,
Josh Bennett laughs immatating ol' king cole (i have no clue who that is).
Travis Chapman over skates the puck,
when T.J. Eason shouts to Marcus "DUCK!".
for Brad Larter Shoots the puck wildly,
While Sammy is driving his car "childly" (HAHAH thats not even a word!).
Jamie Minchella's sittin in the corner of ice,
Steve Eminger is diving once and twice.
John Dunphy's cheering for his true blue team,
While Chris Cava sits in the sin bin and day dreams.
Brock Yates is flirting with that one chick,
While J.J. stops the puck with his goalie stick.
Sexy Texy's running a muck,
And none of the rangers can find the damn puck.
The crowd is cheering GO RANGERS GO!,
will they win? nobody knows!.
So there is the ranger team,
Don't piss them off or they'll blow off steam!.