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Go Rangers Go


Welcome to the best kitchener ranger website

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lol, this site is all new so it's kinda like. . . a WHOLE website update. . . so ya check it out!

site made on 8/8/01


If you wanna remember what the 2000-2001 season was like, click below to get to my 2000-2001 season kitchener ranger website. (it was my first site about the rangers ever made)


please do sign the guestbook and do the poll, it would help GRG very much. lol p.s GRG stands for GO RANGERS GO, everyone asks that!

Latest News:

Due to some difficulties with. . . Bell Expressvu this website will no longer be updated. I'm sorry for this inconvienence and maybe in the long run I'll get this site up and running. But for now GRG is no longer running the sites. Feel free to look over what we've got so far but no updates will be made. for the last time "GO RANGERS GO!" we're really gonna miss them.

A door; Actual size=180 pixels wide

look! a wicked ranger logo!

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