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go rangers go

Here, you will get the latest news about the Kitchener rangers! or gossip about stinky people that do dumb stuff relating to the rangers lol. Keep in mind that this is GOSSIP and a little bit of news. . . so it's just a bunch of rumors that are probably true anyways but don't take things too seriously.


The Ryan Ramsay MSN scandel!

Us MSN users that are true kitchener ranger fans have come across "Ryan Ramsay". It's true that the profile does pretty much describe the way he is, and he talks like a normal teenage guy. So there'd be no reason to doubt that it is in fact the REAL Ryan Ramsay wouldn't you say? on the impersonator's rangers site it has that it is actually a fake Ryan Ramsay pretending to be him. which I think is true, BUT THE TABLE TURNS! I thought about it real hard and came up with who actually is the "fake Ryan Ramsay" oh ya and it's against the law to impersonate somebody. Anyway's for the first time ever on a website the lying loser will be revealed. IT'S KRISTY!!!! duh! I mean think about it, they're never on at the same time, they always have the same font, she claims that he's in love with her (which is like total jailbait for ryan) AND last but not least she's weird enough to want to pretend to be him. . . so there it is! fake Ryan Ramsay is Kristy! ooh! and I don't know if this is for sure but just think about it I'm like 99.9% sure but I haven't got her to admit it yet but she blocked me because she knows I know!!PLUS! she pretended to be some guy named dustin too (they're kinda friends) so she's impersonating 2 people which is like double illegal! I KNOW IT'S YOU KRISTY!! confess and no one will be mad at you. . . lol

-reported by Marcy on 9/8/01



Passey traded? (I'm silently cheering)

Recently I have heard rumors about Matt passfield being dealt to the mississauga icedogs in return for a euro. My sources aren't final and this is still a rumor. Matt says in an interview with him (this isnt actually an interview i was just talkin to him on icq)

rangernews:7/3/01 11:25 PM WTF UR TRADED?!~?!?!?

Matt: 7/3/01 11:25 PM ya
rangernews: 7/3/01 11:26 PM awwww poor baby!!! are u ok????

Matt: 7/3/01 11:26 PM no

rangernews: 7/3/01 11:27 PM awww i feel so bad. . . omg that is so . . .wrong! like. . ,. ugh! are you gonna be ok sweetie? aww i feel so bad!

Matt: 7/3/01 11:28 PM thanks babe
rangernews: 7/3/01 11:28 PM to mississauga right?
Matt: 7/3/01 11:29 PM yya
rangernews: 7/3/01 11:29 PM awww :*( they suck so bad!! awww well. . . hopefully they'll be better this season with u on the team

rangernews: 7/3/01 11:31 PM who did kitchener get?

Matt: 7/3/01 11:31 PM i forget, a euro

so there it is folks, matt is traded. . . well at least he says so but he lies all the time so ya.

-reported by Lydia on 8/8/01



The Kitchener Rangers being moved to Corn wall?!?!

It has come to my attention that the OHL is thinking of moving the Rangers to a different city!!! LOL ok I'm like totally joking, I had nothing else to put in the third column so ya. LOL I'm sorry if I freaked you out or anything hahaahaha no seriously I am sorry. . . AHAHHAHAHA k see ya

-reported by Jube-Jube on 8/8/01

cornwall HAHAHA j/j

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