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go rangers

I have gathered up the best OHL hockey links ever! Well most of them are just Kitchener Ranger linx but that's what you wanted right? if you've got a Kitchener ranger site please e-mial us and we'll put it up A.S.A.P.



The best Kitchener ranger website to get latest news and info. about them. (besides mine of course!)

Official Kitchener Ranger Website


An Awesome website for getting information about what's happening around the WHOLE OHL.

The Official OHL Website


The Go Rangers Go 2000-2001 season website! hilarious and fun, of course made by the staff of GRG

2000-2001 go rangers go


Want to learn about Canadian hockey teams? Then visit the official Canadian hockey website.


A good site if you want pictures from the WHOLE CHL, of course it's got Kitchener ranger pictures as well.

Kevy's CHL hockey pictures


The Rangersrush website

Another Kitchener ranger fan website


An unofficial Kitchener Rangers site

k-rangers site


Kristy and Leah's :P Kitchener ranger website, but what do you expect they're just lil' kids

Kristy and Leah's site

star bar

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