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#If you want to send us Hate Mail#


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#If you want to send us Hate Mail#
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ok, if you want to send us hate mail, go ahead. but beware we allow ourselves to start bitching back at u as well. We would also like you to read this 1st BEFORE you get all mad and start sending the mail.

GRG really like the rangers and we'd never ever say anything if we thought they'd take it personally and start crying. Yes We know we make fun of them a lot on this part of the site but we're just pokin' fun at them we really don't think they're actually pimps or asses or anything like that we like them cause they're the local hockey team! come on, you HAVE to cheer on the local team! we do really admire and appreciate the whole hockey team and all that and we enjoy watching them play hockey. Sure GRG like to make fun of the rangers and tease them a bit but doesn't everyone? lol ok that was mean but we don't really mean to put anyone down or hurt anyone's feelings and we're really sorry if we have. This site is for just pure amusment, it's all just a bunch of bulls--- that we find funny. If you don't find this page funny then we're sorry we wasted your time but no one's forcing you to come here and read what's on this page. This is all fiction and nothing here was meant to hurt anyone and we hope you know that. The only thing that is true on this website is the fact that we hate puckbunneies, I mean, who actually likes them? they just ruin the game. So I hope we've convinced you not to take this site seriously cuz we don't so no one else should right? plus, the team is like NOTHING we've actually said on the site. . . well kinda there are reasons we say what we say on this site but we exaggerate A LOT and I do mean A LOT! so just have fun on this site and don't get mad cuz it's just for fun and if there's anything that you'd like taken off the site then e-mail us and we will gladly change or take it down to the way you like it. . . unless you want it to be something totally idiotic that we think would make or site stupid.

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