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Le ranger roster

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Welcome to the ranger 2000-2001 roster


HEY! you've just travelled into the world of the kitchener ranger's roster! omg this part of my website took like 18217398123 years to make! damn im slow at computers. lol anyways this took me FOREVER! so please take your time to look around. All of the information and pictures come from the rangers official website, thank god for that great website. anyways you better like all of this info and stuff cuz i went through 18217398123 horrible exausting years to make it!

mmmm logo. . .

Ok, i know this is a crappy picture, but its the only one i have of the whole roster. Damn flash got in the way but you can tell its the 2000-2001 kitchener ranger roster. . . can't u?


Updates: soon I will be adding profiles of the guys drafted by the kitchener rangers! (2001 bantam draft i mean)