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other ranger news will be put up here! yum yum everyone has more room for ranger news!

Matt Passfield traded? YAY! We've already started celebrating to the right, hes such an ass. YAY! we get a cool euro! maybe he can actually put points up on the board for us. . . lol ok ok ok, i know im being a bitch but he is mean sometimes SORRY if whatever I or any other members of GRG say offends u.

Recently I have heard rumors about Matt passfield being dealt to the mississauga icedogs in return for a euro. My sources aren't final and this is still a rumor. Matt says in an interview with him (this isnt actually an interview i was just talkin to him on icq)

rangernews:7/3/01 11:25 PM WTF UR TRADED?!~?!?!?

Matt: 7/3/01 11:25 PM ya
rangernews: 7/3/01 11:26 PM awwww poor baby!!! are u ok????

Matt: 7/3/01 11:26 PM no

rangernews: 7/3/01 11:27 PM awww i feel so bad. . . omg that is so . . .wrong! like. . ,. ugh! are you gonna be ok sweetie? aww i feel so bad!

Matt: 7/3/01 11:28 PM thanks babe
rangernews: 7/3/01 11:28 PM to mississauga right?
Matt: 7/3/01 11:29 PM yya
rangernews: 7/3/01 11:29 PM awww :*( they suck so bad!! awww well. . . hopefully they'll be better this season with u on the team

rangernews: 7/3/01 11:31 PM who did kitchener get?

Matt: 7/3/01 11:31 PM i forget, a euro

so there it is folks, matt is traded. . . well at least he says so but he lies all the time so ya.

New GM Peter Debeor:

former plymouth whaler coach Peter Deboer has left his team and has been taken in by the rangers. Deboer has made plymouth a hard team to beat and a contender for the ohl cup. I'm sure he can make the rangers a better team than they already are. He's already made a few adjustments during the off-season as the GM of the rangers.

he traded vasily bizyayev to the sault st. marie greyhounds for their 2002 5th round draft pick. That happened on Monday June 25th.

On June 26th rangers got the 2nd overall CHL import draft for the 11th overall selection and a 2002 3rd round pick. with that, the rangers selected Petr Kanko from sparta praha. Petr is 5'11" 180 lbs. and is sure to make a big impact on the rangers 2001-2002 roster.

on wednesday, the rangers recieved Nick Policelli (an overager) from the belleville bulls for the 29th overall selection in the import draft and the 2003 4th round and 7th round selections. Nick has mem. cup expreience and was captain for the belleville bulls last season.

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